Il Giornale, Massimo Veronese – 7/24/2014.


In Boston, she graduated with Summa Cum Laude in the same school that honored Sting, she started to sing when she was a child imitating Whitney Houston, and she founded with her Mexican fiancé a band, The Pillars, that is not afraid of dreaming big. And she challenges the new generation saying: “Success is a consequence not the motivation”.

Cristina has a contagious smile, a fantastic voice but she is grounded. She is an “exported talent”, because from Milan, today she is making a career in USA, following her dream.

We could say from Houston to Boston: “I discovered I could sing at the age of 5, listening to Whitney Houston, and trying very hard to imitate her…”.

Boston is the city where she graduated with maximum grades from the Berklee College of Music, the same school that educated starts like Sting, Diana Krall, John Mayer. She said: “Songwriting, creation of songs, three years of tough studying”, but her passion is still very young. She still remembers the first song she sang in public when she was a child: “My Heart Will Go On”, by Celin Dion, “but in the wrong key, of course…”. Her first public performance was at the middle age school graduation and she said: “I was terrorized about the final chorus, so high notes, and at that age I didn’t know I could change the key of a song. But at the end people still applauded”. She won the Cantazzurro 2006, and the Festival delle Due Riviere 2007, and in the meantime she graduated in Communication for the Music Industry at the Catholic University. Then she moved in America and there she found her love, Alejandro Ramirez-Cisneros, Mexican and great musician, and together they created the band The Pillars, and launched they first music video. “I feel very satisfied in performing with the most important person forme, we want to tour together, compose and record our song and keep producing music videos”. She has clear ideas about her future: “One of my dreams is to write stories for films, in particular for animation movies, and compose their soundtracks. My mission is to give life to ideas that can make a great and positive impact in the world, and that can keep living after me”. Her philosophy understands the world in which we are living now: “Nothing has been so simple and accessible like now. Technology and the media are available for all, but the challenge is not to be used by them. It’s important to remove from the mind that everything is very complicated, and start thinking outside the bow, art indeed is the success of simplicity. Success is a consequence not the reason that move me”. In the meantime success awarded her with the debut concert at the Dante Alighieri Society, the Italian cultural center in the heart of Cambridge Massachusetts, where she performed with her band for the mayor of Boston Martin Walsh and the Italian Consul Giuseppe Pastorelli, for the celebration of the 100 years of the creation of the center. She charms the audience with her versatile voice, and authentic and emotional vocal virtuosity. On the stage she is a force of nature, with a great courage, and a bright future is ahead of her. As Nietzsche said: “The human voice is the apologia of music”.